Samuel's Adoption | Grand Island {Nebraska Documentary Photographer}

I was thrilled to be part of this little boy's adoption day!  I could tell from the moment I arrived at the courthouse that Samuel is so loved by his family, extended family, and friends.

Shortly after I arrived at the courthouse, a text popped up from one of my mom's friends (or should I say, my friends' mom? Either way, I've known Arlene for years and years).  She asked where to go in the courthouse for the adoption ceremony...I was a bit confused at first, but answered her like I knew what I was talking about (I had no idea she would be there - I had just met Mindi and her family that day!).

As it turned out, when Mindi went to pick up Samuel shortly after he was born, she was caught in a Nebraska summer storm.  Not knowing what else to do, she called some friends and eventually they told her to keep driving until she arrived at the friends' mom's house. Mindi ended up staying at Arlene's house overnight with her brand new baby boy, so Arlene was invited to the adoption ceremony since she was a part of his story!

I love finding connections like that with clients - Nebraska is truly a small town and full of hospitable people!

The courthouse adoption was full of love and lots of face-timing and then the whole group gathered at Sutter's Deli for lunch.  So much love in the room!  Samuel was mostly there for the cookies :)