Wedding | Lushton & York {Nebraska Wedding Photographer}

I was super excited for Anna and Justin's wedding, not only because I was happy for the couple, but because I couldn't wait to take photos in the church!  I love the simplicity and the natural light of the church in Lushton (I'm pretty sure it's a smaller version of the church in Henderson that I grew up in).  The reception took place at the Holthus Convention Center in York and the huge barn doors behind the head table were so cute!

What I loved most about their day was that the focus was on them and their love and starting a life together.  It wasn't about the party (although, with a bunch of cowboys straight off the ranch, it was a really fun day) and it wasn't about all the "stuff".  The decorations were gorgeous, the dress was gorgeous and the reception (especially the food) was amazing, but nothing was over the top or took the focus away from the couple.  My favorite part?  Anna took the time to put together a slideshow of photos of them and the ranch they will be living at (she even worked on it right before the ceremony!).  It was so fun to see hints of what their life together will be like!

Here are a few of my favorite photos of their wedding!