Mommy + Me | Gleason {Nebraska Family Photographer}

Morgan approached me last fall with the idea to do a family session out in the snow and we were both excited about it!  But since we live in Nebraska where the weather is super unpredictable...we never had enough snow.  The couple times that we could have made it work with the few inches we had, it was SO cold and windy that it wouldn't have been any fun!

So Morgan decided on a Mommy and Me session for Mother's Day.  I went to their house and captured a short slice of their typical weekday morning: baking cookies, playing in the playroom, and reading books.  Her girls were so sweet!

A session like Morgan's costs $95 and is 30-45 minutes long.  It has a lifestyle + documentary feel to it: we will do a variety of "set up" activities and I will probably open curtains and turn off the lights, but I won't ask you to do something again or make the kids do something they don't want to do!

Contact me above or check out the Family Sessions tab for more information!