Day in the Life | January 17, 2017 {Nebraska Documentary Photographer}

There's a challenge going around the photographer Facebook groups that I'm a part of: shoot like you are shooting film.  Now, I have no actual desire to shoot film, but I was intrigued.  It goes like this: shoot only 36 frames, one ISO, no chimping (looking at the back of your screen after taking a shot), waiting 48 hours before looking at them, and then doing minimal editing.  I'm an overshooter; I shoot well over 500 photos during one of my DITLs...and I took 76 photos of my kids making gingerbread houses the other day.

So, I attempted a Day in the Life with only 36 photos.  I did end up shooting around double that (the ice was so very pretty and I wanted to do a bunch of freelensing), but for most of the moments, I took one shot and then put my camera away. It was a bit stressful: my ISO was 800 all day and I typically shoot around 3200 in our house and I'm really bad about taking a shot and then messing with my settings.  I really had to slow down and think about metering and lighting and all that.  I had fun with it and would like to do it monthly!