Podcasts for Days...

In the past, I didn't consider myself someone who liked to listen.  Of course, I listen to people all the time, but listening to the radio or to audio books or to anything was just noise. I like quiet and to be alone with my thoughts. Until...last fall when I was in an auger wagon just a few too many times and the silence drove me crazy.  Then I discovered podcasts! A whole new world opened up when I found shows on every topic imaginable.

My interests are pretty narrow...I've tried to branch out, but it's better to do a few things well than everything just ok, right?

So, if you like photography, scrapbooking, houses, being a mom and following Christ, the following podcasts will keep you busy for days.  If there are any other great podcasts out there (I'm sure there are!) let me know!  I'm going to be in the auger wagon a lot more this year...

The Scrap Gals  - Two Southern gals talk about anything and everything scrapbooking related and make it hilarious!  This always inspires me to scrapbook, even though I'm not very "trendy". One of the gals also runs Live Inspired.  Instead of focusing strictly on the scrapbooking process, she interviews a guest about the business side of crafty-ness. Very interesting!

The TWiP Network - TWiP stands for This Week in Photo and is a great resource for all things photography.  This episode features Francesca Russell, who I've gotten to know through Clickin Moms and various Facebook pages. It was pretty fun to listen to someone I "know". I listen to TWiP Family the most, but like the others when the hours get long in the tractor. This feed could keep you busy for days...

God Centered Mom - I just started listening to this one and I love it so far!  A mom of 4 boys interviews various guests (often authors) to help moms stay focused on what's important.

The Paperclipping Roundtable - More scrapbooking!  They talk with lots of big-name scrapbookers (my favorite episodes are ones with Ali Edwards) and it's always informative.

Focus on the Family - There is a new Focus on the Family podcast each day (it's also broadcast on the radio) and has lots of encouragement and advice on marriage, parenting, and life. I didn't realize that there is also an Adventures in Odyssey podcast!  My kids love those stories so it will be great for long trips!

The Mom Hour - Love this one!  The hosts are two women who live across the country from each other but have lots to talk about on raising kids! If you have kids ranging in age from toddler to teenager, you will relate to them and realize that you're not alone in whatever you're facing right now.

Mom Struggling Well, At Home with Sally, and The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey are all Christ-centered podcasts to encourage moms.  It would take me hours to get through all of them, so I often scroll through and see if the topic interests me. So many good ones!  The Happy Hour is often hilarious and probably one of my favorites. I also love Sally Clarkson because she wrote one of my favorite books, Desperate: Hope for the mom who needs to breathe.

For photography, I've also enjoyed Improve Photography and Photography 101.  I don't listen to them often, but it's helpful if I want to know more about a specific thing!

Young House Love - Their blog was one of the first "home" blogs that I read and I was sad when they stopped blogging in 2014!  They've recently come back as a podcast and it's fun to listen to!

The Lively Show - I started listening to Jess Lively a couple of years ago when she had the Young House Love couple as guests.  I haven't listened to her lately, but I'm sure I will at some point during harvest because I really enjoy her episodes.

Capture Your 365 - More on photography!  I haven't listened to this one since last harvest and I'm sad to see that the last episode was recorded last December. :(

So there you go!  Let me know if you like any of these and also if there are more I should be listening to!