Everyday Story | Yost Family | August 10, 2016

I spent a couple of hours with the Yost family the other evening - of course it was the hottest/most humid day that we've had in awhile!

The entire family was so fun!  Initially Stacey just wanted a few portraits of the kids and the family to hang on the wall, but I convinced her to let me do a few documentary photos and some of those are my favorite.

Nebraska family portrait

The kids were super cute and cooperative, but it's still hard to get 4 kids looking and smiling at the same time!  These sibling photos were spontaneous and so good.

One-year-olds are simply adorable.  I have said this before, but I just love the 12-18 month stage!  They are old enough to be a little independent, but not quite old enough to be sassy ;)

Nebraska child portrait

We went to a couple different spots in town and I snuck in some candid photos...

candid family portraits

By this time the kids were pretty much over the portrait part of the session, so the family cooled off with some ice cream while I hung around to take photos. 

family documentary photo
outside family documentary photo
family documentary session

Then it was off to bed for the little one!  Feetie pajamas just make me want to cuddle him :)

family documentary bedtime session
family documentary photos

If you're looking for more than just a family portrait session, contact me!  We can work together to make your session exactly what you want.  For the Yost family, I was at their house for just over 2 hours - about half was portraits and half was documentary.  Especially with little kids, it's so much more relaxed if the photographer and parents aren't stressing the entire time about everyone looking at the camera!

The Everyday Story session is 2-3 hours long and includes portraits and a "story". For the Yost's, this was ice cream on the deck, bedtime for the youngest, and I snuck in some getting ready and driving around shots. Your story can be anything!  The session also includes a photo book and all digital files (I guarantee 50 images, but I ended up giving Stacey well over that for this session!).  For more information, click the Sessions tab at the top!