On the Farm - April

April started off with some field work (spraying, stumping, and field cultivating) in preparation for planting.

tractor spraying corn field
tractor spraying Nebraska corn field

Planting usually starts around April 15, depending on the weather.  This year, we had quite a bit of needed rain (most farmers weren't complaining too much) that kept us out of the field most of the month.  So, the guys worked on other projects - installing water meters, building a patio roof, and repairing shredders.

farmer installing water meters
farmer installing water meters
Nebraska farmer installing water meters
building patio lean to
farmers working in shop
farmer working on shredder parts
farmer working in shop
farmer working on shredder

All of these black boxes are filled with seed corn and ready to go out to the field!

seed corn boxes

But at the end of the month....the tractors were sitting here.

John Deere tractors ready for planting


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