Day in the Life | April 13, 2016

I absolutely love shooting a Day in the Life.  I first did one for myself back in February 2013 when my kids were ages 4, 2 and 4 months.  SO MUCH has changed since then.  Our daily routine as a family has changed (no more bottles, nap time, or diapers), but mostly, I've become a better photographer.  I tried my best to document our life how it is and not how I wish it was.  

This was a crazy day.  We're not usually on the go as much as we were today and I ended up cutting out entire portions of the day since it just didn't make sense as I tried to put photos together!  The main events were Bible study, going to town for lumber, and hanging out at a friends' house in the evening.  

I took over 500 photos and managed to edit down to about 83.  I put together a little video to showcase my favorites!  Thanks for watching this little glimpse into our life on April 13!