^^That's us!  We had an awesome time on our vacation to the Black Hills where I finally got to see Mount Rushmore, a cave, and all the beautiful scenery!  Maybe someday a vacation will be more relaxing than it is with 3 kids :)

I am a stay-at-home mom to those 3 kids (ages 9, 7, and 5) and I *usually* love it.  The days can be long...especially when they think they know everything.  But, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love watching them grow up, learn new things, and figure out who they are.  

My husband is a corn/soybean farmer and we live on a farm with 4 chickens and 10 cats.  Our address is Hampton, Nebraska, but we consider the Henderson community home.  I grew up here and Curtis was raised just 30 minutes away - we are so lucky to be close to family! My favorite thing in the world is documenting my kids as they grow up and our farm life.

As for me...I love scrapbooking (especially Project Life and Becky Higgins), reading (my favorite book of all time is Gone with the Wind), decorating (Fixer Upper on HGTV is amazing), and Chinese food (I could eat Ta Chin Shrimp or Cashew Chicken everyday).  Things I don't love...cleaning my house, tiny dead frogs in my laundry room, over-zealous dogs, and watching TV (well, except for Nashville.  I just discovered it and I'm a bit crazy about it).

And, of course, I'm obsessed with photography.  I never saw it coming, but I love it.  It doesn't come naturally to me so I've had to work at everything I've learned, but it's so fun.  Hopefully someday my kids will appreciate the thousands of photos I took of them!

I'm also shy, quiet, and often at a loss for words (unless I've had too much coffee...).  But, I'm also an observer.  I pay attention to people, usually seeing and remembering things that others have long forgotten.  I like to think that this makes me a better photographer and its why I prefer to fade into the background and simply capture what life is. I adore shooting weddings, family reunions, anniversary parties...anywhere lots of people are gathered for one purpose.

Well, enough about me...seriously.  I want to get to know YOU!  Every family has a story to tell and I can't wait to see yours.